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Marvel X Ippudo

Two of my favorite things are Marvel and Ramen. I am a huge Marvel fan, my personal favorite superhero is Iron Man. Iron Man is a Genius, Billionaire, Philanthropist, Engineer and many others. When I learned that Marvel is collaborating with Ippudo, I can’t let Event Poster this unique chance slip away.

This collaboration is only for 2 days - Thursday 02/25/16 and Friday 02/26/16. Masterminded by C.B. Cebulski, Marvel’s Senior VP of Creative and Creator Development, and Fumihiro Kanegae, Ippudo’s Ramen Master, the event will showcase the “Avenger’s Interactive Ramen.” The pop-up will be open to the public, however only 40 bowls of the special ramen will be served per day, and no reservations will be accepted.

Lining Up

Because of the popularity, I decided to arrive 1.5 hours ahead to secure a spot for myself. When I arrived, there were people lining up already. I went to the end of the line and figured out I am #25 - one of the limited 40 seatings. Line Secret Passage Since the pop up is being held on the 2nd floor of Ippudo Westside, only 10 seats are available starting at 5pm. So I got assigned the 8pm slot. At 8pm, I arrived at Ippudo Westside once again waiting for my mission with the Avengers. First, I was taken to the secret passage to the 2nd floor of Ippudo Westside. There were posters around the stairs and I was greeted with the waitresses.

Main Course

My ramen station looked like this. Ramen Station Menu

First you are provided with sake selected by Chiizuko Niikawa-Helton of Sake Discoveries and a Japanese beer Dry Asahi. This represent a pickled Alien - baby octopus pickled in a sweet and sour brine bathed in Nanbu Bijin Ruten - a premium Ginjo Sake, attacked NYC. Pickled Alien

Then Avengers come to the rescue! Avengers Come to the Rescue The most important part of ramen is the broth. It is what makes a ramen a ramen. Marvel Soup - 3-year-aged Iberico Pork soup, blended with organic chicken soup. The aged pork represents Marvel comic’s founding in 1939, and the chicken soup Marvel’s success ‘soaring’ into the sky in the present day. With both broth combined, they make “Ironman II” soup. The Avengers Interactive Ramen

Next are the ingredients of the ramen bowl. They are consisted of:

  • Green Gamma-Ray “Hulk” Noodles
  • A Single Red “Black Widow” Noodle
  • Ironman’s “Arc Reactor” Poached Egg
  • Captain America’s Shield, a Fishcake
  • Mighty Thor’s Hammer Mjölnir, marinated & grilled Lamb Chops, coated in Bechame breaded in Panko, and fried
  • Hawkeye Toast: “Ironman III” Seafood Sauce, topped with “Hawkeye” + garlic sauce, on a Baguette Toast

Iberico Pork & Chicken Broth It was recommended to set the Mjölnir aside before it gets soggy. Then mix the Hawkeye Toast and Arc Reactor and stir everything together before having the meal. Ingredients


Goodie Bag At the end of the meal, C.B. Cebulski, Marvel’s Senior VP of Creative and Creator Development came and talked with me. Ironman Comic We talked about Malaysia and how awesome this experience is for me. I explained to him my favorite Marvel superheroes is Ironman and coincidentally, I was given Ironman comic inside the goodie bag. In addition to the comic book, we were given a special collaboration T-shirt by Marvel artist Matt Waite.

I ended the night with a picture with C.B. Cebulski and Fumihiro Kanegae. I held the Capt’s Shield!!! T-Shirt Team In conclusion, I am very glad I participated in this 2 days special event. This chance is very rare and I still think about the exquisite broth with the ramen. Wish I can have it again…